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A Complaint Free World



A Complaint Free World

Some people might complain that their stomach hurts, their throat is sore, or that their feet hurt in order to get out of doing something.  These people will end up being very bored the next time so they will remember not to lie to get out of something they don't want to do. If these people didn't say they body hurts, and instead stated that they can and are willing to do it, they could be able to accomplish much more things.

When other people complain about me, it makes me feel that i did something wrong, and that I have to do better next time so they won't complain anymore, and instead congratulate me.





Every school's Parent-Teacher Association does a lot of things for its school. For example, if a teacher wants to know what kinds of movies he/she can show his/her students, the PTA can give him/her suggestions and help him/her choose. These volunteers devote 4-5 hours of their time to helping the school. Without them, the school would not have that many items that students like to use.

This article is completely true; without the PTA, the school would not have many  of the items it currently has. The parent volunteers do many things that help the school, such as: help students apply for college, give teachers advice, and creating the school directing. I think students don't appreciate the PTA enough for the things that it does for us.




The article talks about Facebook's effect on college students. Because of Facebook, this new communication tool, students can talk, socialize, and do homework with their friends.

The main point of this article talks about how Facebook impacts college students, but I think Facebook tie together these college students and their middle school and high school friends. Facebook can also connect them with their parents when they are away.