Hansen's Chinese 5H Weebly Portfolio

Growing up Asian in America

As a Chinese American living in the Bay Area, we are subject to intense pressure under our parents to do well in school. They give us certain expectations that we must fulfill in order give us a larger chance of getting into a good college and get a good job. In order to achieve this, as an individual, we must set certain expectations or goals to fulfill. At first when I was little, I set goals for myself that I needed to achieve. As I grew up, I realized that as a became busier and busier, I never got around to actually finishing the goals I set. I have adapted to the new situation and as a result, to account for the fact that often I don't finish assignments by the specified goal, I set the goal days earlier than it is actually due to give myself room in case I don't finish the assignment by the due date. This helps me make sure I have enough time to make minor last minute adjustments to the assignment before it is due.
Most Asian parents have strict expectations about what their kids will study/do when they leave for college and for most of their adult life. The usual occupations Asian parents stress are the medical and engineering industries, even if the child is not interested in either. Although the Asian student is pressured by their parents into going to a specific profession, he/she actually must follow their dreams and do what he/she wants to do, not what is expected of them.This occurs more so with Asian families than families from other ethnicity. Sometimes expectations set by other people must be broken in order for people to follow their dreams and do what they truly want to do.
由于我是一个美国华人住在美国,我们的家长给我们很大压力好好读书。 他们给我们很多期望我们一定要到达所以我们可以进一个好大学,在找一个好工作。我小的时候,我告诉我自己要给我自己一些目标。长大以后,我发现我更忙了,时间更少了。由于我更忙,我都道达不到我的目标。现在,我把我的作业目标设在昨夜到日期以前一两天所以要是我没有完成,我还有那一两天来完成作业。